Sesame Street Lovers – Just For You


Does your kids love to build? Well my girls have seen their cousin’s K’Nex set and always wanted to join in, but I was so scared because of all the little pieces. Great news for us K’Nex has come out with building sets that will cater to the 2 to 5 year old age.

We were sent this Oscar Building set for the girls to try out and…. I couldn’t get it opened fast enough for my 3 year old. She spent I know a good hour and half putting this together, taking it apart and putting it back together. She even got hubbs in on the action. It was cute seeing them together on the living room floor playing. Of course when my 5 year old came in from school, she wanted in on the action.

You do not have to worry about them getting bored with it as they can build the sesame street character their own unique way. Also the parts are just the right size for this age group so you don’t have to worry about them getting choked.

One of the best parts I really like, is the building sets come with their own canister. So all you have to do is have your child take the parts apart and put them away simply in the canister.  Also… they are really priced low at 10.99. Perfect price for a birthday gift, christmas gift, or just a reward for good behavior.

My girls and I… oh yea hubbs too definitely give this set two thumbs up!

Noodleboro Review Help Teach Kids Manners


I was so excited to receive this game in the mail and be able to dive in it with my girls. We have always actually taught the girls to use their manners, but this game was just the icing on the cake.

Even though this game is a teaching game, does not make it boring AT ALL. I was giddy as a young school girl playing this game with the girls. So fun to see the girls say “please” and “thank you” while just playing a game.

With this particular game, we are pretending to be on a picnic and trying to keep all them pesky ants away by using our manners. What a hoot… Love it. The game also comes with a book and audio CD. Both are big hits for bedtime and just for taking a chill out from the day!

Also just to show you the “manner using” carries on past the game… we went outside right after playing the first game. The girls were playing with different toys and my youngest said… “Madisyn, may I please have that toy to play with?” Girrrrrrrl…. did you just say that to your sister? Oh yea… that’s what I’m talking about.

The game is still a huge hit with the girls. I am definitely telling Santa to add the other Noodleboro games to his wish list for the girls. Shhhh don’t tell them ;). Click here to learn more about the games.

I Love To Clean My Bathroom

Help… go get the thermometer, check this mom’s temperature ;). Ok ok ok… now that I have your attention. I really do not like cleaning my bathroom, but I have been tuned into a product that makes cleaning a lot more exciting.

I do want to say, I have not always been the best house cleaner, but as I am getting older and wiser I guess you would say… I am getting more picky about things not being organized.

For instance, I cannot absolutely stand any dishes to be left in the sink. I can thank my mother and father for that one. They would always make us wash any dish we would dirty up immediately, so now I go crazy if there is a dish left in the sink.

We have a playroom now for the girls, and I like for all toys to be in the playroom. At the end of the night, I go to cleaning so I can wake up to a nice clean living room.

Anywho… the bathroom has always been something I always dread. I try my best in there and I like for it all to be organized as well, but I have found something that I am so happy to tell you about. It is the Action Scrubber by the Scrubbing Bubbles.


When you buy the starter kit, it comes with 1 flexible handle, 1 reusable storage tub and 4 disposable cleaning pads.

I personally hate seeing old sponges laying around, so when I figured out it comes with cleaning pads, I thought ok I can deal with this. I was really impressed by how clean it gets your bath tub and shower. I even used it in our bathroom sink.

What puts a big plus on is, you no longer have to clean with gritty chemicals, which allows rinsing away easily.

I will definitely be using this handy dandy tool in the bathroom much more. Click here to read more about it.

Tell me moms… what is your favorite cleaning tool for your bathroom?

Toothbrushes Are Going Green

I couldn’t believe when I saw the ad for these toothbrushes. I worry all the time about I am not doing enough to make this world a more greener place to live in. After all I do want a clean Earth for my kids and eventually my grandkids to love and appreciate.


Recycline has came out with a toothbrush that is made out of recycled yogurt cups. Can you believe it? Also the best part is after you are done with your toothbrush you can recycle your toothbrush instead of just throwing in the trash. I am so darn excited about this! Just one more step closer to where we need this country to be. Yes, I do realize we have a long ways to go, but just know every small steps will make much bigger steps.

Here is what Recycline is saying about these new eco-friendly toothbrushes. “The dentist-recommended 45° curved handle and soft bristles guarantee a thorough and even cleaning of your teeth. Available in seven vivid colors, the handle is made from recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups, meaning that fewer natural resources are used to get your teeth sparkling. Combine that with the Preserve Toothbrush’s stylish design, reusable travel case and wallet-friendly price and you’re making the most of the earth’s resources – and your family’s.”

Alright, moms. Who is up for trying out these new toothbrushes? Leave me a comment below and I have two to giveaway to my lucky mom readers. Also if you can’t wait and want to go buy one now, just click here to get a coupon for you to use.

Hey Kids Lets Make Eating Healthy Fun

Let’s go ahead and lay it on the table…. My kids are some kind of picky eaters. I have to be creative with their foods and make eating fun.

Imagine the smile on my face, when I received the Snacker Tracker in the mail a couple weeks ago to review. I actually screamed yippee… because I couldn’t believe it. I actually had something that could help spark more creativity with my girls’ foods.

This neat-o tracker lets you track each day what your child eats and lets them be involved to see what they should be eating each day. We don’t skip meals here, so after every meal now… Madisyn immediately goes to the fridge and sees which block needs to be checked. Then we discuss which blocks are left and where we should put our focus on the food groups for the rest of the day.

Also it is right on the tracker, the healthy snacks that you should eat during the day to make sure you are fulfilling all the food groups. To go along with the tracker, is a cool companion nutrition guide to help you as the parent see what your child should be eating each and every day. As you know.. how we feed our little ones today will shape the foundation of their future for their diets.

You really need to check out the Snacker Tracker and then come back to enter our giveaway for your very own Snacker Tracker and they just introduced a new product as well; the SnackerTracker Pocket Pal. Everything you love about the original, but portable! They are throwing in one of those too!

All you need to do is leave a comment below that you would like to enter. Then for an extra entry, subscribe to our feed :). Let me know if you subscribe in the comments section so I can throw in your bonus entry!

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