Parents Look At Me Camera

Did you know that has their own line of toys? They are sold exclusively at

The Parents toys have garnered over 52 awards so that shows you they are a real treat in the eyes of children. We had the opportunity to review the Look at Me Camera from their toy line.


This camera is actually great for children 12 months and up, but I have to tell you my 4 year old is just loving it. She loves taking pictures and since it has the realistic shutter sound, she just thinks she is the hottest new photographer. She will go around and say cheese, say christmas tree, say chicken nuggets all the while cracking us up.

Since children 12 months and on love to imaginary play, this is a great toy for them so they can act just like mommy. You know our children look up to us so much.

The price is great at $9.99 and it already includes the batteries. You cannot beat that ;). So go grab one now and use them as great stocking stuffers.

New Hot Mommy Christmas Gift

You know I have been asked several times this holiday season of what I would like to have for Christmas… well funds are extremely tight this year due to my hubbs being out of work so all I really “want” is for our family to be together and celebrate this wonderful Christmas season together.

But…. and you knew there would be a but right?

I can still dream and wish Santa would leave me something under the tree right? I most certainly will! So… my cell phone with verizon is two years old now and I have been scoping out a new updated cell phone. Well moms…do I ever have the Hottest Christmas Gift for you.


Are you drooling yet? Well just let me tell you what the saavy features are on this phone.

It is pretty much an all in one phone for the busy moms that we are. It has full html web browser to access the internet on the go and email, it has a full fledged camera that even a National Geographer used to take  pictures overseas, it has a touch screen with several drag and drop features. Girllll can we say KEEP IN TOUCH, literally.

If those features are not the icing on the cake, then this will be. A music player with FM radio. This makes me jump up and down because I would love to have my music player included on my phone so I can have it altogether with me when I am out walking. It’s way too hard keeping up with all these gadgets on you when I can have it all in one portable unit.

Plus since we are busy moms, its easier to keep up with one unit instead of 3 or 4 to risk of losing.

The camera on the phone I would so love, because when you take a picture, you can just crop right on the phone and post to your blog all from this great Windows SmartPhone.

While I am dreaming of sugar plums, I am going to dream that Santa is leaving me one of these under my tree ;). Hey you are never too old to believe!

What do you moms think of the new SmartPhone?

Movie for the Holidays

There is something about this time of year, that I just love to cuddle up and sit down and watch a great movie with my family.

A wonderful movie was brought to my attention and it happens to be an independent movie.Delgo

Here is a never before seen image from the movie.


As you can see the  movie is animated which would make a great hit for the whole family. From watching a short trailer of the movie, I can tell the movie will keep you on your toes. It is very fast paced, and full of action and adventure.

I really like the morals in the story as well. For example, in one part of the movie, two people have to put their differences aside in order to combine together to take an enemy down. I will not say anymore than that, as I do not want to spoil it.

You will hear some very familiar voices in the movie such as, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jennifer Love Hewitt, Burt Reynolds and Kelly Ripa to just name a few.

Overall, I think this is a great movie to go out and watch with your family. It’s fun, it will keep your attention, and the animation is such great detail in the movie. To learn more read here: Delgo It will be released in theaters on December 12… so let me know if you all plan on going to see it!

30 Days To Natural

It’s been a big change over the last few years, but my family goes greener a bit by bit each day. Our goal is to be pretty much an all green family sometime in the near future including a Solar Panel House.

Going green really means a lot to myself and so happy to have my hubbs on board with me. Even our girls stop and think before doing things now. I know there are so much more we can do though to go more green.

A few months ago I started using the Clorox Green Cleaner. Yea I pretty much heart that stuff SOOOOO MUCH. You have to know I was so thrilled to hear they were coming out with a site of 30 Days to Natural. It includes daily tips for 30 days to help your family go green. I am so stoked to start receiving my tips and sharing them with my family. I truely encourage you to sign up and do the same for your family. You do know, what we do now to go more green, is going to help our children and grandchildren when they get older. :).

So without delay go now… and sign up. Let me know how you are enjoying the tips and if you signed up 🙂

:::CHEERS:::: (us clanging our glasses) to a better world. We can all change it one person at a time!

Its Let Your Kid Dress Themselves Day

This week at M’s school they are having Spirit week. I always loved this as a child. Well today was Tacky Day AKA (let your kid dress themselves day).

M picked out her outfit and I just started laughing. I told her it had to be crazy and I think she did a pretty darn good job of it… don’t ya think?



I just love her… She melts my heart over and over.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Also while I have your attention… M was sent a special Koala bear last week from Build a Bear. She just loved it from the minute she got it out of the box that evening. I didn’t realize they have bears now for as low as 10.00. How cool is that? Also once you make your bear, you can go online and have a virtual pet at Build a Bearville. I was really impressed with the quality and as you can see below… it fit perfect in M’s lap so she could snuggle with and have an after school nap.


We would like to share with you and let your kid have their own very special bear. I have two 10.00 gift cards I would love to give to two lucky parents to give to their children. Leave a message below and I will draw two random entries on Friday October 31, 2008. Good Luck!

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