8 Days Until My Multiple Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery


The winter is continuing to make it’s presence here in NC. I love snow so I don’t really get tired of seeing the beautiful winter scenery. I feel like the snow has been helping to keep my mind from concentrating on my jaw surgery 100% of the time.

There will be times that I will just get quiet and my mind will drift off thinking about the surgeries. Last week was my final pre-op appointment.

My bone scan came back showing that my condyle bone was still actively growing. The bone will have to come out in order to prevent the bone to push my jaw over to the side once again. Also, it was determined that my upper jaw would have to be cut multiple times in order to properly widen the jaw to the measurement needed and correctly align with the bottom jaw. The bottom jaw should only have to be cut one time.

I had to sign papers to let them do a bone graft from the top of my skull if needed. They will take that bone to help with my cheek bones. All the paperwork that I had to sign was so overwhelming. As always, there are risks to surgeries. I just wish that I could escape from hearing all those risks, but the doctors want to ensure you know everything.

The surgery could take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. It just depends once they get in there and begin the surgeries.

The biggest thing with the condylectomy is they have to be very careful because the bone is only 2cm away from the nerve that controls all the movements on your face. One of the worst case scenarios is that I would have to tape my eyes shut to go to sleep at night for about two months. Also, I wouldn’t be able to smile or frown. When the surgeon told me that, I started tearing up. That is a worst case scenario though, I just have to continue to trust in the Lord that everything is going to be just fine. He is going to guide the surgeon’s hands and perform the surgery successfully.

It’s going to be amazing to see the results after surgery. No more pain, no more jaw locking, no more trying to bite into a hamburger and can’t.

Right now, I am just trying to get my family prepared and things bought that I will need after surgery. My husband is online now researching the best water pik. I want to get a good cup to drink my protein shakes and etc. without drink going all over my chin and neck. The surgeon told me to show the girls pictures so they can be prepared and not shocked. I know M will do fine but I am worried how L will accept how I look. We will just pray for her to be understanding.

8 more days! Hard to believe the time is almost here!

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  1. Thinking of you. Just like you are preparing L for all of this you need to prepare yourself as well. Be ready to see the swelling but know and explain to L that it will go away and that you are going to feel so much better. It’s just going to take a little time.

    I love you and will be praying for you (all of you) as you go through this.


  2. Wow. It’s overwhelming just to *read* about it. I am praying for you, my dear.

  3. Dear Jen, My heart seemed to stop for a moment reading about the details of your surgery and the skill required to make sure none of the risks you mentioned come to play. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I just know you will ace this. God will be there looking over you, how could he not you are a remarkable woman. I am experiencing some jaw problems of my own and I can’t imagine all that you have been through. If any one deserves the best outcome it is you. Best of luck to you. When you are able and feeling better let us know how everything went. Love Sharon

  4. Hi Jen, I am thinking about you today. If my calculations are correct you had your surgery today on 3/25/14. . Praying that everything went smoothly. I have been thinking about you this whole week. Hope your recovery time will not be to rough on you. When things get tough for you as you recover just remember ” this too shall pass” Sending you some good healing vibes your way. Take good care of your self and rest plenty.
    Love Sharon

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