8 Random Facts About Jen

I have been tagged by the Internet Marketing Queen and a mentor I look up to Alice Seba to provide you 8 random facts about good ole Jen here. Ok.. here we go :). Sit back and enjoy!

1) I received a full ride scholarship in highschool and I quit after my first year UGGGH to get married… DUMB MOVE!

2) I am a work at home mom that left my corporate art technician job when my first daughter was born. I designed the labels that go in the back of your shirt Wink.

3) I breastfeed my youngest daughter till she was 18 months and I did the slow weaning process because she refused any food or cup. It was all mommy for 18 months. I still regret that but mommy was going crazy and I was worrying that she needed more food varieties.

4) I won my school spelling bee :)

5) I have my two beautiful girls ages 4 and 2 and want to have more, but hubbs got the big V. I would like adopt in the future! 

6) I feel like I have always had the entrepreneur spirit in me since we were poor growing up and I am determined to turn that around for my girls so they can have a better future and have more values instilled in them.

7) I'm addicted to moms blogs. I love communicating with other moms and see what milestones their kids are hitting. I just LOVE being a mom period! 

8) Since we moved to Florida last month, we take the girls swimming everyday at our pool here in the development. Hey its good weightloss plan too hehe.

Ok.. there you have it! Hopefully I didn't bore you too much ;).

Now I would love to hear from…

Crunchy Domestic Goddess 

Natural Moms Talk Radio 

Bye Baby Bunting 

Deb Mom of 3 Girls 

Leave me a message to let me know you played along :) 

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  1. says

    I gave up a full ride scholarship too, but figured that the requirement for a 3.85 GPA was a little more pressure than I needed at the time. :) I hear you with the mom blog addiction too! And my girls would practically kill to be able to swim every day – want company? 😉

    I’ll work on these this afternoon or tonight! :)

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