Was That Really Raw Tuna

I so did a Kellie Pickler move a couple weekends ago with Real Life Sarah at the Sunday Salon at River House Inn. We had such a fantastic time and wholeheartedly would recommend going. I am a country girl and everyone knows that ;) so I really came out of my shell trying foods that I never imagined. Basil icecream? Oh yes!

How To Buy Clothes On A Budget

So listen… you all know that I will not pay full price for anything. I am always on the lookout for the best deal I can find on anything I want to purchase. Since loosing weight, I am really trying to be more fashionable with my clothing attire and actually dress up some way some how each and everyday. I know my hubby was getting tired of seeing me in jogging pants each and everyday.

When I found out that TJ Maxx was having a spendervention this spring to show you you can be more fashionable for less money, I was all over it. I was sent a $25.00 gift card to see what all I could purchase and stay on budget. I always wondered how I could buy the big name brands, but not spend as much money doing it. Well, I have found the secret. Listen in on my video and also listen at what size I was proud to get into finally :). Share your thoughts below. I would love to hear them.

Graco Nautilus Review

We have been searching high and low for a carseat that would allow 5 point harness till 65 pounds. We were thrilled when Graco sent us the Graco Nautilus Carseat to review and we were able to keep this to use with our litte L. Listen in on the video to see what our thoughts are on this carseat!