Children Do Dream Big As Well


You know as parents we are always dreaming of what we want in life with years to come… it can be for real dreams, or just caught in the moment dreams, but do we step back and realize our children are dreaming as just as much as we do.

I love to wake up and be greeted with “Mom guess what I dreamed about last night” says Madisyn. Their little imaginations are going full blast right now and I can only imagine the wheels in their heads are just a turning during the day and at night when they are sleeping.

I dream big so I am able to push myself even harder to get what I want for my family, and I believe I am instilling that into my girls. We can’t just wait around for the world to offer us something, we really have to get out there and dream big and make it happen.

So Madisyn yes we will continuing to dream big and watch our dreams come true right before our eyes. Love you my first born 🙂

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  1. Wonderful post, Jen!

    I believe you’re absolutely right, as parents we instill the desire to dream big into our children. I love that our family has a dream we share and the way our desire to make it come true unites us together. 🙂

    Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Feeding Frenzy

  2. This is such a sweet post. It is so important to always dream big, and encouraging it at a young age is fantastic!

    Here’s to big, wonderful dreams that come true!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  3. What a sweet reminder! It is really neat to watch their imaginations develop and grow during these early years! I love it!

    Wani’s last blog post..Grandma Says

  4. What a sweet girl you have. That was precious.

  5. OMG.. this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. And she will make all her dreams come true!

    Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday’s last blog post..A Little Bit Of Everything

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