Cincinnati Trip – Denied!

Can you imagine our heartbreak? L and I are supposed to be at Cincinnati Children’s right now. I received a phone call last Wednesday that even though we received prior approval and insurance approved L to go to Cincinnati, they are now denying.

Even though we received the discouraging news and both of us shed tears, we are trying to stay positive and keep the faith. Plans change for a reason! My husband and M couldn’t go since it was M’s last week of school and she had exams. I wonder if God didn’t want L and I driving by ourselves. I’m not sure but there is a reason for everything.

We were not promised an easy life, but God did promise He would never forsake us. Our family has been through a lot but we continue to believe and keep the faith. God has a plan. L had a full week of evaluations scheduled to better treat her Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This amazing young lady has lived off of prescription formula Neocate Splash for 2.5 years. She only has one safe food, pears! Could you imagine?

There is no doubt, L is the strongest person I know as food is all around her, but she keeps her head held high. I’m currently fighting insurance in hopes we can reschedule the trip. Friends, please never stop fighting for your loved ones. It’s sad that we have to fight for our family’s healthcare but I will not stop advocating for the best care for our girl.

L, you are my hero! I love you to the moon and back. We need a cure!

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