Day 7 and 8 – Recovery Blues Are Here

It is hard to believe this time last week that I was finishing up in surgery. The last week has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions.

Yesterday, my husband and I were on the road early to make the three hour trip to see my surgeon for my one week check-up. The appointment went great. Dr. Turvey thought I was doing great but did want me to watch my weight loss. I am down six pounds. Actually, I didn’t think that was bad but as we headed home, I did have Hubby to stop and get me a frosty from Wendy’s. I was able to eat it!

Dr. Turvey is really pleased with how the surgery turned out, especially with having four surgeries. He was able to clean out my nose and mouth at yesterday’s appointment. The nose felt all kinds of weird, but I was able to breathe so much better afterwards. The jaw bandage was able to be taken away and I just have to keep my elastics on my teeth. This helps keep the jaw in place. Starting next week, he wants me to only use two elastics during the day and try to do some small exercises.

Day 7

I asked him when I would stop drooling and he said he could not answer that question. It differs with everyone. This is one of my biggest complaints right now. I drool so much. I mean I fill two towels a day and the reason that I will not leave the house right now unless riding to store with my husband and I sit in the car. It is so embarrassing and makes me feel so self-conscious. Another reason, why I do not really want to talk to visitors right now except close family and friends.

Also, I can’t talk of course. I have to write down lots of things but my family is finally getting to understand me a bit. Another thing, I get really tired. I am a pretty go-getter and usually do not stop, so not being able to get up and do as I want, has really dampened my mood. My husband has been so awesome about giving me lots of attention and hugs. For some reason, I think I should be able to just jump right back to normal routine after such major surgery. My mind just doesn’t understand.

Day 8:


Sunshine can do so much for your attitude. As I had a meltdown today, my husband said let’s go outside. We watched the girls play outside and all was awesome in my world. It got my mind off of my recovery. That is the main key, keeping myself from not thinking about recovery so much.

After I helped Hubby get the girls off to school, I stacked lots of pillows around me in our king-sized bed and slept for two great hours. Best sleep I had had since surgery, so I think I am going to give up the recliner tonight and try the bed. Let’s pray it works :).

Overall, each passing day gets so much better. I’m just being so inpatient about recovery and need to realize that my body needs time to bounce back after such a major surgery. It’s hard.

Eating is getting better. It is still so sloppy to eat and drink, but I am managing each day more and more. Today, I made my first protein shake in the blender. It was wonderfully delicious! I still can’t eat too much as it tires me out to eat. Again, with more time. My face is still so numb.


Honestly, I think one week post-op, I’m doing pretty good right?

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  1. You look amazing but I know this is so hard. Hang in there sista, you’ve got this, God’s got this, and before you know it, this will be but a memory.


  2. Yes, you are doing well! I can’t imagine going through all this and not having some days of feeling blue (or worse). But you are doing so well, and I’m so proud of you. Hang in there. Still praying!

  3. You are doing great Jen. Don’t push yourself. Honey, you have some time to just relax, enjoy your time with Scott and the girls and just let your body heal. It will soon and all this will be behind you. I miss you and love you dearly. (((HUGS)))

  4. Hi Jen, I have to agree with everything Nanette said. This is your time to be doted upon so put your feet up, relax, take those healing naps. You will be busy soon enough before you know it. Right now your recovery is what is important. I’m sending those healing vibes your way. Feel better <3

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