Easy Meal Ideas with Chef Eisel for Bob Evans Farms

Busy season has once again arrived. This means moms everywhere are running around all over the city to drop off kids to school, volunteer at school, pick the kids up, drop kids off at dance class, drop kids off at soccer, and the mom taxi just keeps on going. We still need to slide a time slot in there for dinner, but with all the busy schedules each and every day, there is not a lot of time left to create a full meal.

Pop in Chef Eisel with Bob Evan Farms. I was given the chance to interview him last week and I closed out the interview wishing that I could HUG him in person. Literally, he had the best ideas to incorporating the children into helping with dinner time and not to mention mouth watering recipes. Grab your iced tea or coffee and sit back for about five minutes. You will thank me later.

As Chef Eisel said in the video, sign up for Bob Evans email so you can be updated with more easy meal ideas. My husband already said I have to make the calzones this week. I will let you know how it goes. It is just one of the 20 recipes that Bob Evans has on their site that you can make for under 2 bucks.

Thank you to Bob Evans for helping us busy moms!

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  1. Great tips in this interview Jennifer! Must get a toaster oven!

  2. Great video! Oh, I have wanted a toaster oven for so long. Love time saving meals.

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