How my surgery brought me closer to my husband!

Scott and Jen

My surgery recovery was harder than I expected but it brought me closer to my husband. Odd? Not at all. My husband is my best friend but being together 13 years, our communication skills were not the best. When your jaws are clamped shut, communication skills are needed. You have to get creative. Lots of note writing, sitting right beside each other, and listening were the three keys. The keys that have brought us so much closer.

We both sit and really listen what the other person is saying before we cut the person off and not let them finish the discussion. We hold hands way more which just makes you feel closer to your spouse. The last five weeks have been spent together pretty much 24/7. It could have either drove us crazy or it could have brought us closer. The latter is what has happened and we both couldn’t be happier. My husband made the comment, I hope this keeps up after your recovery is completed. I do too and I know it will because we will both ensure that we are trying our best to give each other the attention.

Lives are so busy that we can get wrapped up in our schedules but marriages will go so much farther is you make sure to give your spouse time, keep focused on God and your family.

I love you Scott!

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  1. HI Jen, Your story was lovely to read. Through helping you to recover both you and your husband reconnected and only made your bond stronger. Now that is what love is all about. Not only has your surgery brought about your desired results but brought a couple closer, that is beautiful <3

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