How to open a jar

This is not rocket science now, so just bare with me please. My mom taught me how to open a jar when I was just a little girl. My brother and I had to learn how to cook really young because my mom had a stroke that left her paralyzed from neck down for a period of time. If we wanted to eat, it was up to my brother and I to cook our meals. It was fun and is what sparked my interest in cooking and baking.

I would get so frustrated because I was not strong enough to open jar lids. I would try and try with all my might but the lid was not budging. Finally, my mother calmed me down from my frustrations and showed me how to open a jar.


Three easy steps

1. Grab a fork, spoon, butter knife etc.

2. Hit the lid with the metal utensil all the way around the jar lid.

3. Open the jar lid.

It is that simple. You may already know this trick, but I am always surprised when I show this trick to a friend and they did not know. They are so thankful.

Hopefully this tip will help some of you.

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  1. says

    Must be a mountain thing. That’s how we do it, too. Works 100% of the time! Might want to mention that this only works on metal lids. 😉

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