I want to be on fire for Jesus

The title of this blog post came to me this morning in service as I was standing at the altar with tears streaming down my face. The pastor had one hand on me and one hand on my husband. Afterwards, I turned to my husband and we just hugged for the longest time. It was one of the best moments in our marriage.

Today’s message spoke to me so much. Right before the end of service, I just started crying so hard. I had this huge block it seemed sitting on my chest. As soon as I went to the altar, the block was removed and I was at peace and filled with comfort. I know the Good Lord is going to take care of us as a family but I want to do my part as well. I want to know that I am giving back to him like I should be. I want everyone around me to know that I am on fire for Jesus.

As soon as this post goes out to my subscribers list, I may lose subscribers. I am at peace with the number dropping as I do want to incorporate faith more in my posts here at One Moms World. Faith is a huge part of my family and I want to be able to portray that here on the blog. Faith, Family and Travel are three key words to my blog but it doesn’t seem our faith is covered enough. This really hit me today during service. My words are ready to shout to the world.

So much has changed in the last five years with my family. Each and everyday, I see us grow closer to God. We are not where we should be, but I love the results that I am seeing. It is not unusual for our family to be singing as loudly as we can in the car to K-LOVE. The girls know the words better than I do actually but that doesn’t stop me from singing as loudly as I can. My soul is warmed from head to toe when I am singing praise songs.

This is one of our favorite songs right now and it is so fitting right now in our lives.

I am not too sure what direction God is moving me in but I am waiting with open arms for his guidance.

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  1. Here’s one sub you’ll never lose. 🙂 I think your love for Jesus shines through in every post, even when you don’t mention him. You’re so obviously not of thd world. Love you!

  2. Good for you!! there is a stirring in the body of Christ to stop hiding our light under a bushel. Thank you for your Boldness & Commitment to shine unashamed for Him!!

  3. Leigh Caldwell says:

    You will never lose me, my dear friend. I am in the midst of a similar transformation and starting a new blog so that I can write about my faith, my home and my family. Love you, my friend.

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for a while and don’t intend to unsubscribe. I enjoy reading about family travel, new recipes, activities with kids. I don’t comment much–I’m kind of the older lady somewhere in the middle of the crowd, learning a lot and feeling connected, but not making much of a commotion. But I feel like I need to answer this and tell you why I do not call myself a Christian. I was raised in churches. My folks mostly identify as born again evangelicals–that’s what I was taught. I still read the words attributed to Jesus. But I rarely see anything in the teachings of those churches or in the lives of people who call themselves Christians that resembles Jesus or his teachings in the New Testament. The people I see who are “on fire for Jesus” don’t really follow what Jesus taught, rather, they follow the sermons of preachers,much of it gleaned from Old Testament writings. In your conviction to be on fire for Jesus, I hope that you will re-read Jesus’ words in his Sermon on the Mount, that you will re-study what Jesus himself thought about poor people and sick people and rich people. I hope you will study the story of the casting out of the money-changers from the Temple as the only time we know of that Jesus became really angry and what it was that made him so angry.

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