Orthognathic Surgery Updates Day 1 to Day 4

I am finally going to start my updates. I am almost 96 hours out from surgery. I had read many other surgery stories, but I still didn’t think recovery would be like this, sadly.

I like to be up providing care for my family and they are the ones that are taking care of me.

As we were driving to the hospital Wednesday morning (26th), my phone rang. It was the hospital and they wanted me to come on in as they were ready for me. I let them know we were in the parking lot and would be in there ASAP. I really do think this was a total God sign, as I did not have to wait at the hospital at all. I told my Mom, Dad, and my brother that I loved them very much. The girls were with one of my bestie’s. My husband Scott, walked with me and I hugged him so tight. He took this picture of me:

Day 1 - Before

They put my IV in and wheeled me to the operating room. The last thing I remember is breathe through this mask. The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery. I kept hearing my name. Jen, Jen, Jen, you need to wake up. I guess it took me a really long time to wake-up. Surgery started around 1 and I was finished around 7:15. I was finally able to get to my room around 9:30 where my family greeted me. So much happiness when I was able to see them. I kept saying, God is good…God is good! As soon as I saw my Dad, I said I did it!!

M did so great with seeing me. I kept hugging on her. L was so scared because I had a hard time with my oxygen so I had all these tubes coming out and blood was everywhere. No pictures! I don’t want to remember that scene. My step-daughter, M and my husband all did great with settling down L. I remember my brother crying too. I’m sure it was a scary sight.

Around midnight, Dr. Turvey’s residents came in to see me. I was still so sleepy. He was helping me learn how to take my elastics off and on. This is not an easy feat. Hopefully when the swelling goes down, it will be better. This suction became my best friend in the hospital.


I miss this so much at home. I drool everywhere and I cannot feel it, so it is quite embarrassing.

The morning after surgery, the Residents came in and had me transported over to the clinic. They were able to clean me up and do x-rays. As I looked at myself, I couldn’t believe it. Hardly no swelling and such a straight jaw.

Day 2

Check out this x-ray. You can see the screws and plates that were placed during surgery.

Day 2 X-Ray

Day 2, I tried to eat and it just wasn’t feasible. They did keep bringing me chicken broth and it would go down but no pureed food. The swelling was really getting bigger on Day 2. I was able to walk around the hospital with my family several times that day. The pain wasn’t too bad either.

On Day 3, I was determined to go home. I somehow got down some pureed eggs and a bit of mashed potatoes. The Residents all said I was doing great and they would let me go home.

Day 3

We had about a three hour drive home and fortunately, I slept most of the way with the help of pain medicine. Came home and was greeted by my wonderful Bestie Cindy and her Husband. They had delivered dinner for Hubby and the girls, and also brought me lots of BOOST. That is what I had for supper. We settled in for the night. I was able to sleep about 3 hour stretches at a time.

Day 4, I woke up so swollen. Do I even look like Jen? The pressure is so intense. I will not lie. To drink or eat, it takes so much effort and I get so tired.

Day 4

It is so hard to swallow but I try so hard because my mouth keeps getting so dry. Applesauce has been my friend to get my pain medicine down. All other medications are liquids. I am on an antiobiotic, sinus congestion medicine, nasal spray and two kinds of pain medications.

I did get up and do some walking and take a sponge bath since I can’t wash my hair till Tuesday when I go back for my 1 week check-up. Amazing what a sponge bath can do for your attitude. The pain where they took my condyle bone out at my ear is more intense this day that it has been in the previous days.

Ice packs are very frequent as it feels like it takes some pressure off of my face. My face feels like it weighs about 100 pounds.

M and my Hubby are doing great by providing care for me. Hoping for a better day 5!

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  1. Hi Jen, I was so glad to see that you were able to blog about your surgery. I have been so concerned about you and how your surgery went. So sorry to hear you are in pain, so glad your surgery was a success. You look pretty good so soon after your surgery. Things will only improve from here on out. Hoping you recuperate fast and with each day less pain. You were a beautiful woman before and will be a beautiful woman always inside and out. Thanks for letting all who care about you know how you are doing. You are amazing even wanting to blog with everything you have to endure. Wishing you the best. let every one help you to recover, it’s your time to be doted on. Love Sharon

    • Sharon!

      Thank you so much for your great comments. I was thinking of your last comment as I went into surgery. I love how this blog has brought such a great and caring friend. I do agree, things only will go up from here. I truly feel the hardest part is behind me :). Love and ((HUGS)) Jen

  2. Hey you got cool x-rays. Now we are twinsies 🙂 Dr’s and dentist always get a kick out of my x-ray and get ready for the “do you set off the metal detectors at the airport?” question from now till forever.
    Hubby still messes with me about that one. He’s such a goof. 🙂

    Getting better everyday and as beautiful as ever my friend. Stay strong. Love you.

  3. So proud of you and am thankful for your progress!! And we had a blast with the girls. They did so great!! Praying and see you soon!

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