Sissy I Love You

I woke up this morning to hearing.. “Sissy I love you” My girls co-sleep with me and my 3 year old had woke up and was hugging my 1 year old and saying she loved her. My 1 year old hugged her back. It was definitely a priceless moment. I wish I had the camera there right beside me.

It melts my heart to see how close they are. I know when I got pregnant the second time, I first thought oh my what am I doing with them so close together, but now I would never change it for the world. They are best friends and just love to play together.

Being a mom is the best job I have ever had and I know that I will ever have :).

Mommy loves you girls!!!

Snow Storm 2006

Woohoo we got a major storm that dropped a foot of snow on us. The girls had so much fun watching out the door. As soon as the winds died down and the snow wasn’t fall as heavy, I got them all suited up and we went outside. We ran, walked and did snow angels.

I just loved watching the delight on their faces. Those girls just know how to make mommy laugh and smile altogether. We had so much fun that I went in and got two big bowls and brought them out. We filled the bowls full of snow and made Snow Cream. OMG it was soooooooo delicious. We all enjoyed it :).

Mom Have You Gone Nuts

Last night Madisyn was in here in the office with me and I was staring the computer screen thinking about something and Madisyn said “Mommy you haven’t gone nuts have you”? ROFL. I laughed so hard. I know one day last week when it seemed everything could not go right, I remember saying ahhhhhhhh I have gone nuts. I am so surprised that she remembered that. She was soo serious when she asked me too. I said no baby mommy hasn’t gone nuts. She just hugged me. Gosh they melt my heart so much.

Lyndsee is really into kisses now too, she will just be playing then run up to me or her daddy and want in our laps to give us a kiss. Then she gets right back down. I LOVE MY GIRLS SO MUCH! They are like gold that never quits shining through their mommy.

My First Baby is Growing up

Madisyn told me this weekend, I not mommies baby I Madisyn. She always just loved saying she was mommy’s baby. Where does the time go? I can’t believe she is three. She is talking so well now and in real big complete sentences. She was a late talker, so this is great news for us. She cracks us up all the time with the things she says each day. Never a dull moment in the house. If you are having a bad day, just look at Madisyn and she will cheer you up in no time :).

Sunrider Products WOOHOO

I am so hooked to Sunrider now. I am happy to announce I am down 7 lbs in my weightloss. This is just the beginning . Only 43lbs to go now. I am drinking the 3 quarts of water with the Fortune Delight in it 🙂 and having the Nuplus mixed in with my foods each day. I am waiting on my Beauty Pearl and I know my mental health will be so much better. I’ll keep you posted on that ;).

Here is to more weightloss this week. I’ll check back in next Sunday (Superbowl Sunday) for my next report. Jen will be eating her celery while the guys are munching on Super Bowl Snack Foods ;).

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