Eyeballs Popping out…

Ok, now that I have gained my composure, let me tell you about my day. I started out the morning by viewing the tutorials at Mom Masterminds. The information just blows my mind. The information, tips and tricks were automatically applied to my website. Tweaking and even more tweaking will continue to take place, but within a month I hope to report back to you with a profit.

I strongly believe I have found my passion. I love building these websites and applying the techniques to them. It seems like it just comes natural to me and I will push and tug with all my might to make this adventure be one more joyous one.

Onto news about my VA Biz.. I am having so much fun with one of my clients. He has literally put his website in my hands. This is all new to me with article submission, link exchanges, SEO, but you know what? I couldn’t be happier and he is ecstatic to have me. We are defintely a great team.

Also, so excited. A really great friend (gosh my bestest pal ever) referred me to a potential client for me. The potential client e-mailed me tonight and we will see how things turn out. Again, this client is wanting website help. Can you say, This is my Passion? God is so good to give me these special people in my life and in turn it is helping my business a whole lot.

Until we meet again 🙂

Such Good News

I am so thrilled with this week. My VA Biz has raised the roof this week and I couldn’t be happier. I finally unveiled my
new design
and couldn’t be happier with it. Take a look and let me hear your feedback.

Also, I can hardly contain myself. I joined
Mom Masterminds
and oh my, ok Jen calm down. This has been such a great group so far. You wouldn’t believe the information available to you. I am still going through it all and I know my affiliate marketing business will explode. I have no doubts. Keep checking back each month and I will update you on my progress through the next year.

Ok, so now that I have shared my exciting news to you all, Have a Great Weekend and Make the best of it. Do something with your family that you wouldn’t usually do. Go to the park, go get icecream and just go shopping. Have fun and enjoy the day.

Until we meet again 🙂

Hi There

Welcome to my world. I have been out on a journey in starting my Virtual Assistant Business and helping other moms get their feet into the telecommuting world. Come along for the ride and read all about my world.

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