Free Holiday Money

Hey Peeps!

I am running a contest on my Free Parenting Resource site. Anyone that subscribes to my newsletter will be in a drawing for a 20.00 Gift Certificate to You couldn’t use an extra 20.00 here at Christmas. Click Here to sign up now.

Good Luck!

WOOHOO Weight Loss here I come

You better watch out, Jen is about to find you. Thanks to one of my VA clients Diana Walker, I have found Sunrider Products. The shipment should be here this week. I am so ecstatic to try these products and take my life back.

Stay tuned and follow my progess on the SunRider Weight Loss Train. CHOO CHOO Chugga Chugga weight LOSS!!

My Biz is Rocking

Since my post last month, more like me drowing in my own pity LOL! Anywho should I go delete that. Absolutely not. Business owners have the ups and downs and if I didn’t never post my downs, I would be lying to myself and my readers.

I took Kelly’s Confidence to Act in Business course and it really did boost my Confidence. I have always had a problem having self confidence in myself. Ever since I have took a whole new perspective in my life, my VA Biz has exploded. Its simply amazing. The Lord is really providing for my family.

Also, I couldn’t ask for better clients. Everyone is so genuine and caring. Awesome people and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to each and every one of my clients for being just being “you” and having confidence in me to do the tasks you request.

So, are you doubting yourself? Ready to give up on your business. Head over the Kelly’s Awesome Course Confidence to Act and renew your self confidence.

Have a GREAT Day!!

My Girls are So Precious

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Madisyn enjoyed Tweetsie so much. She couldn’t get enough of the rides and feeding the animals. Take a look: (Just click on the picture to make it bigger)

then we had a wonderful time Trick or treating. Madisyn would just go up to the people in the stores and hold her bag out. It was so cute:

While it has been cool, we have been spending a lot of time outside. The girls just love playing with their toys. Madisyn calls it her park. She is talking so good now and comes up with phrases everyday that cracks us up.

Lyndsee is growing up so fast, I just have to share her picture of her eating first popsicle:

I love my girls more than anything. They are truly my life and I thank God for picking me to be their mommy. They just melt my heart each and everyday.

Until we meet again 🙂

Wow can I say WOW?

Ok after my VA vent last week, this week has really blowed me away. I have received three contracts this week for project. Can you believe that?

This is so awesome and also makes me happy people are still believing in me and seeing what a great VA I am. I hope to only continue to grow and be one of the best VA’s out there. I struggle with Self-Confidence a lot, but I am making changes to delete this struggle in my life.

Also, I have been reading up on the Coaching World. I really would like to change my niche and market my VA Services to the Coaching Industry. But it seems like this black cloud you know called self doubt is trying to cover up my face. For some reason this black cloud is trying to keep people from seeing what kind of shine I can put in their business. How will I ever make this prohibitor move out of the way and let my VA Skills shine through? I am working on defeating this and researching how I can approach this Industry.

Wish me good luck on my latest adventure. Come on Jen you have it, now get out there and prove it!!

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