MM Update

October Stats:
Unique Visitors 397
Affiliate Income: 24.53

But look at this already the first week and half in November:
Unique Visitors 197
Affiliate Income: 25.07

I made some changes in October and they are definitely paying off. I am getting so much more traffic from Google now and currently found by 73 keyword phrases. Is that not awesome?

Mom Masterminds has definitely taken my business to the next level. Alice and Kelly have taught me so much about my website presence and having confidence to implement the things that come to my mind.

I laid awake till 2:00am this morning with all the ideas I have. Never in this world would I be in the position with all these great ideas if it weren’t for Mom Masterminds. They really challenge you and give you wonderful constructive critiques to make your dreams happen.

So have you been to the website lately? Head on over to Free Parenting Resource and check out all the updates. This is my baby and I am so tickled of the way it is growing by leaps and bounds. Also, parenting is a very special passion of mine and what better way to share my joys and help other parents make the adventure much easier.

Would you like to take your business to the next level? Don’t wait.. Enjoy the free 7 day trial and see what Mom Masterminds can do for you.

Until we meet again 🙂

YUCKY day!

Ok After a good cry this morning.. I felt I needed to come write and get some things out to make me quit feeling this way.

Scott just called and he could tell I wasn’t having a good day. I just started bawling my eyes out to him.

I want to be a successful business woman and I think to myself can I really be? Maybe I am just tamed to take orders from other and not have my own business. My employers always brag about how much of a well-rounded person I am and my work is terrific. Clients have told me this also and have written me testimonials.

So what is wrong with you then Jen? I think I found out today. I am targeting the wrong market with my VA business. I have been marketing to Moms. They are in the mindset of cost worthy. This in returns turns them away from my rates.

But you know what, I have to be successful in my business. Just because I am charging 25 to 30 a hour doesn’t mean by all means that I am bringing that rate home to my family. Listen, business owners have to pay their own taxes, do not get paid for Vacation Time, get free or low-cost Health insurance and etc. All this goes into my rate..

It seems when I get a ping from my website for a potential client here in the last two weeks, I give them a quote request and bam they are gone. You never hear from them again. So as I sat here this morning thinking to myself, what am I doing wrong? Why am I scaring people off? Then it all came to me.. My target market is the wrong one right now. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with moms and they are some of the best clients.
After this though, I think it is time to target a new group and continue with my website updates. Get the word out to small business owners and discuss with them to persuade the reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant will save them so much money than hiring an onsite employee.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Its always theraputic to me when I write things out. I begin to feel this big stone lifted off my shoulders.

Not sure if anyone visits my blog or not… but hopefully this message will see you well :).

Until we meet again!

Started My Diet Back Today

I am so over my fat self. My daughter is one and I should be able to get back in my size 6 jeans by now.

It makes me sick to look at myself in the mirror. All I see is fat rolls. I am bound and determined to get this stupid weight off.

Follow along for the ride :)..

My best day yet…

Wednesday of this week was my best day yet with my I Love Being a Mom website. I made 3.86 that day. WOOHOO… Google has found me now, so I am hoping this number will continue to climb.

I have learned so much by being a member of Mom Masterminds. Those ladies over there are jus the greatest and I know my money is being well spent each month to receive the greatest coaching.

What a Day Yesterday!

Ok I was coming off such a great day and then bam, yesterday evening it had to come to an end. I literally mean bam too.

I was coming back from getting my step-daughter at then end of the road from the bus. We were talking about her day and I went to back up in the our long drive way. Its easier to back up then back down. Well all of a sudden I am in a ditch. I was so frustrated as I knew Scott would be with me also.

As many of you know I wrecked our van two months after getting it by running into someone, because I was paying attention to Madisyn. Now, we have a nice little dent in the back of the van. I just sat and cried. Scott was furious. My dad came to the rescue and we got the van out.

Oh well here is to a better day!

Until we meet again 🙂

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