Our day yesterday

I have been making sure we spend a couple hours a day outside together, while the weather is nice. Soon we will be snowbound in LOL. So, now I want to show off my beautiful babies. Our new sand place is so much fun. The girls just love playing and Madisyn adores Charlie. Also, Lyndsee has learned to climb our stairs and she goes up and down. Just smiles with delight when she does. It gives me almost a heart attack.

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What makes me a MOM?

My two beautiful girls Madisyn (3 in December) and Lyndsee (1 in two weeks) makes me a mom. I thank the Good Lord for them each night and so proud he chose me to be their mom. I can’t believe how much my babies have grown. It seems like yesterday, I was in the hospital giving birth to my two precious girls.

Check back often and you will see I love bragging about my girls :).

Can I Vent Please?

Sometime’s Jen needs to vent.. so here is a place where I can share my vents to just get it all out and cleared from my mind :).

Update for September

Hi All! I am here to announce my update for September. I have learned so much from Mom Masterminds and continue to add these techniques to my website daily. I am going to post August Stats, just so you know how much of a jump I have did. It is not much, but you can obvioulsy see the increase.

Unique Visitors: 107
Affiliate Income: $3.32

Unique Visitors: 334
Affiliate Income: $15.17

I know it will continuing growing, because of what I continue to do each week. If you would like to give your business that extra push, head on over to Mom Masterminds and you will be so thankful you did.

Until we meet again 🙂

It’s Rockin…

Yes! That is what my VA business is doing. The last two weeks, it has absolutely exploded. I couldn’t be happier. Also, my favorite best pal has started outsourcing more to me and I appreciate this so much. This is not only giving me more work teehee, but is helping me learn so much more about building websites. I am always in total Awe of her anyways. I am hoping to take my VA biz to a full-time level so I can be 100% full-time business owner and not have to put in so many hours with my small pay telecommuting jobs. I know its only a matter of time. This is so awesome!

My website is coming along just great. I added four more pages today! WOOHOOOO. Now come on Google index me please LOL. I cannot wait to report to you about how Mom Masterminds has changed me. The courses in there are just fantastic. I never knew what I was missing. So, this leads me to my 2nd website. I started a new website today. My goal is to get five of them up and running by the end of the year. I am so excited and know I can do it because of me being Jen (LOL) and the great resources and help of MM.

Also, I am happy to report a website that I created for my SIL got indexed by Google today. It took exactly three weeks, so I must be doing something right with the SEO techniques I have learned. WOOHOO!!

OK, I hope all is going well with your business and keep checking back for updates on my awesome adventure of being a business owner.

Until we meet again :).

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