Trying to transition from extended co-sleeping

The minute I became a mom, I was a full-fledged attachment mom. At the time, I did not realize my parenting style had a name. It did not become clearer until I was doing research online when my first-born M was an infant.

Family members and friends have sent subtle messages about my co-sleeping parenting style, but I always chose to ignore them. You and your husband define your parenting style. I never try to push my parenting style on to others, and I always appreciate the same in return.

With all of that being said, I know it is time to transition from extended co-sleeping. My girls are 8 and 10. M sleeps in her own bed with no problems. She does love to have L with her and we are trying to transition L. Every single time, I am ready to do the transition, L gets sick. Is the universe trying to tell me something? For the last week, cough and asthma issues have bothered L. As all asthma parents can tell you, it is so hard to see your child launch into a coughing fit and not be able to breathe. For a few months, I thought we may be growing out of asthma issues and only dealing with her allergy issues but I guess I can eat my words now. M pleaded with L to sleep with her last night and L quickly replied back

No, because mommy is my pal. I need to sleep with her.

She learned at an early age how to charm her way to my heart. As she drifted off to sleep last night, I was up on the laptop working. She kept on rattling when she was breathing. My mind starts to worry and I just sit there listening at her breathe. After a little bit, she seemed to do better so I wrapped my arms closely around her and drifted of to sleep. I felt like I was waking up every hour on hour checking on her. At one time, I didn’t hear her making a noise breathing. It was very quiet. I put my finger under her nose and put my hand on her back to ensure she was still breathing. I still wasn’t satisfied so I lifted her arm to see if she would move. She did and was none to happy with me. At 3am in the morning, the decision was made that it was just not the right time to transition from co-sleeping. We will wait till this asthma setback passes.

I really want to transition her so Hubby and I can have the bed by ourselves but this mother’s heart is just not ready. They are only little once right?

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