Weight Watchers Ice Cream wins the taste test

Dinner is served!

Who else looks forward to dinner all day? I start thinking in the morning with our crazy schedules of what time I need to start dinner. I ensure I have all the sides lined up that each family member will at least enjoy one of the sides. Dessert doesn’t get much thought unless it is on the weekends.

Enter Weight Watchers Ice Cream.

We have been huge fans here in our house for a while so you can imagine how happy we were to hear of new flavors entering the market.

New Weight Watchers Snack Size Ice Cream Sandwiches: Two brand new flavors of Weight Watchers Ice Cream, low fat Vanilla Bean and Dutch Chocolate, have just 80 calories each. The variety pack includes four sandwiches of both flavors with a PointsPlus® value of 2 per sandwich.

New Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Dulcé de Leché Dessert Bars: A highly indulgent ice cream bar featuring low fat dulcé de leché ice cream with a caramel swirl dipped in dark chocolate. Each bar has a PointsPlus value of 3 per bar and 120 calories.

New Weight Watchers Strawberry Fruit Bar: A healthier snack option for adults and kids, this bar is made with real fruit and is an excellent source of vitamin C. Plus, this delightfully fruity bar has 15 percent fewer calories and 30 percent less sugar than other national leading brands of fruit bars. Each has 70 calories and a PointsPlus value of 2 per bar.

New Weight Watchers Strawberry Smoothie Bar: A blend of low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt and real strawberries. This bar is a good source of vitamin C and has the creamy goodness of a smoothie with just 60 calories and a PointsPlus value of 2 per bar.

If no one would tell you that you were eating a Weight Watchers Ice Cream treat, most would never know. I did this trick with my family and after all the ohhhh’s and ahhhh’s, I let them in on my secret. Weight Watchers won the Ice Cream taste test hands down in our household.

It is a treat that is still fulfilling, but you do not have to feel guilty about. Most of the treats are only 2 or 3 points, so you are not using many of your points to enjoy a delicious treat. Why spend 6 or 7 points on a bowl of ice cream, when Weight Watchers can be just as delicious (in my book) and less points. WIN-WIN for everyone!

Check out your local grocery store today and grab your treats. You will not be disappointed.

Disclosure: I was sent samples in order to facilitate this review from Mom Select and Weight Watchers.

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