What Does My Water Glass Look Like

Each morning I fill up my jug of water and mix it with my fortune delight and I am set each day. Why am I telling you this ;), because I was tagged by Carrie over at Natural Mom’s Talk Radio about discussing what your water glass looks like.

When I had my girls, the hospital gave me a 32 oz cup that I always kept around to make sure I was drinking enough water while nursing the girls. That cup was my pride and joy until my lively 2 year old decided to throw it and break the lid. BOO HOO.

So now I just have a plain cup from Wal-Mart that I have to fill more times as it only holds about 16 oz I believe. I love drinking my water and fortune delight. I think I am actually addicted to it :).

I am going to tag others and ask what their water cup is?
Nell Taliercio
Christine Steendahl
Tishia Lee
Aurelia Williams

Let’s hear it ladies :)

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