A smartphone can help you with the flu?

The Flu seems like it has hit hard all across the country. We experienced the flu in our house right after Thanksgiving. The virus was nothing to play around with and I only wish I had taken my girls in earlier. My advice all season to people that have flu symptoms, is to get to the doctor so you can get the tamiflu. Several friends have told me the tamiflu made their flu symptoms go away quickly.

Verizon has put out an article that gives details on smartphone apps to help you with the flu this flu season.

Flu Near You app helps you find and report flu activity in your area and also includes Vaccine Finder, which identifies nearby locations offering the flu vaccine and provides directions.

The ZocDoc app finds nearby doctors and includes a map of doctors in many insurance networks. It also allows you to view available timeslots and schedules appointments from your smartphone.

For information on how to treat illness that might not require a trip to the doctor, the WebMD app allows you to check the part of your body that is troubling you, identify your symptoms and learn about potential conditions. It also includes medically-reviewed information about conditions related to you and advice for treatments. You can also find information and reviews on drugs, supplements and vitamins. Information includes uses, side effects, warnings and more.

While these apps may not cure the flu, they just might help you and your family avoid it or get the treatment you need quickly and easily.

Disclosure: I am a Verizon Brand Ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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  1. Know how else a smartphone helps? No groves around buttons for germs to get gummed up in. 🙂

  2. The flu hit our house back in November at the same time. I can’t take Tamiflu. Last time I did I ended up in the ER. Won’t make that mistake again.

  3. Hi Jen, Great advice to go to the doctor early if you suspect you have the Flu. I just recovered from two weeks from the Flu and bronchitis. I went five days later to the doctor after symptoms appeared, too late I discovered as Tamiflu must be taking within a 48 hour window from when symptoms start to be effective. I just had to ride it out. My younger daughter just came down with the Flu and I took her to the doctor the following day. She is taking Tamiflu and antibiotics as she also has bronchitis and she is recovering so fast. I wish I had gone to the doctor early on and had taking Tamiflu, after seeing first hand what the medicine has done for my daughter I am a believer. Stay healthy every one!

  4. It’s it just amazing what we can do with our phones now?
    Ick don’t even remind me about Tamiflu. I took it and ended up in the ER. Never again.

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