It was an event-filled Mother’s Day weekend!

Jen and Girls


It was quite the weekend at the Spink household. We are moving and shaking things up. It is all good news though in which we give praises to our Lord!

After deciding to go back to college so I could take another direction in life, I never thought I would be on the the roller coaster with medical issues between all family members. We have the medical issues behind us though and I am now a graduate with a Business Administration and Logistics Management degrees!

Jen Graduation


My mom and dad were proud and it meant so much to me that they could attend this graduation. I have been praying every day that God will guide and direct me after graduation. It is time for a career and not just a job. My skill set is quite broad and my prayer was that a job would come across the table that would allow me to use my skills. I don’t want to just show up for work each day, I want to grow with an organization. As I walked backstage at graduation, my cellphone rang in my daughter’s hand. We weren’t allowed to have our cellphones backstage, so I left it with M. My step-daughter and M walked backstage to find me because they thought I would want to take this important phone call. You see it was an organization that over the past couple of weeks were bringing me into their office for interviews. The phone call was to alert me that I was the candidate of their choice. The timing couldn’t have been better, as the time had come for me to walk across stage to accept my degrees. God is so good!

It amazes me all the time on how God works. Our timing is not his timing. We have to lean on his understanding when it comes to time. The future is bright. My feet are firmly planted to the floor to start my “career.”

Celebration continued on Sunday for Mother’s Day. Growing up, my main goal was to be a mom. God blessed me with two beautiful and bright girls. See that picture at the top of this post? It is now my phone screensaver because it brings an immediate smile to my face every time I catch a glimpse of the picture. My girls are growing into young ladies but they still very much need their mommy. For this, I am happy. M surprised me with a DIY project. She placed the project on my dresser. My heart. She knows the way to my heart with her DIY projects!

Mother's Day Present


Monday was my birthday. Graduation, Mother’s Day, new job and my birthday all in one weekend was not my plan. It was God’s plan. His plan is always better than mine. I will remember this BIG weekend forever. The love shared by family,  close friends, and precious co-workers will stay close to my heart.

Here’s to new beginnings! I’m smiling!


Tum-E Yummies Offers New Sweetener Option!

Thank you to Tum-E Yummies for sending us their new drinks. You are going to love the updated Tum-E Yummies! The high fructose corn syrup is gone. Can I get a hooray?

New Tum-E Yummies
My girls have always loved these juice drinks. A year ago, we made the switch to only use products that did not include high fructose corn syrup. Can you imagine how my girls reacted when I told them about the new Tum-E Yummies? The drink that had been forbidden in our house was now allowed back in our house.

The newest drink offers the same vitamin-packed ingredients as the original blend you may have seen in stores with 100 percent of the daily values of vitamin C, B6 and B12. And one bottle still has only 13 grams of sugar, 50 calories and zero sodium. This makes a parent very happy. You may be asking how they sweetened the drink? The drinks are naturally sweetened with real sugar and stevia.

The new Tum-e Yummies are available in Fruitabulous Punch and Very Berry Blue flavors. You can purchase these flavors in convenient 6-packs at grocery and mass merchandiser stores in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic United States including:

Harris Teeter
Food Lion
Lowes Foods

I love the drinks are the perfect size to take on road trips, hikes, sporting events, picnics and my oldest daughter M’s clogging competitions. The taste has not been compromised as stated by my girls.

no high fructose corn syrup tum-e

Kudos to ditching the high fructose corn syrup and sweetening the drinks naturally. We are fans for life, now!

All thoughts and opinions are of my own.


Sissy Shares a Precious Easter Message!

As most of you know, we are homeschooling the girls this year. It is going so well. One of the best parts is including our faith with their studies.

My heart is filled with so much joy when I see the girls writing and talking about their love for our Lord. I walked in from work and my husband handed me a piece of paper. He says three words, “prepare to cry.” He assured me it would be happy tears. My hand took the paper and my eyes read each word on the paper very carefully. The tears flowed.

Easter Story

My heart. Oh how I love her! Sissy has always been a great writer. She writes from her heart. Of course, the writing included animals, her precious animals. “…everyone is different in our own way.” Powerful.

Homeschooling was one of the best things we could have done for our precious L. No more timed tests, no more feeling shamed because she couldn’t finish an assignment as fast as others, and freedom to learn how she wants to learn. Freedom to learn about our wonderful Lord!

God is good!


Making memories with family generations!

We were at a baby shower for my niece this weekend. I am grateful that we have a close family. Even though there are many generations in our family, we all come together as we are immediate family members. I captured this photo at the shower.


My heart is full with happiness. As I look at this photo with my husband, our grandson, and our great-nephew, I see so much happiness. My great-nephew B is getting ready to be big brother within the next month. He was so happy to see the baby and immediately said he wanted to hold the baby. As he would stroke his head gently, rub his little hand, and talk soft words to the baby, I just kept smiling. Everyone in the entire room was smiling. Happiness filled the room and it was all because of seeing generations before our eyes.

Family means everything. This generation is so busy and there are so many to-do lists in our lives but I told my Aunt, I want to make it a goal to get us all together at least once a month. There doesn’t need to be a special activity, just bonding with the family. It is needed. The happiness makes the world a better place. Our hearts yearn for that secure family feeling.

My cousin posted this on my picture on instagram:

I love what we have created… so much love for not just siblings but cousins as well. So glad we are passing the great upbringing of love to one another…. we all are more than extended family. .. we are immediate family… love u sis always!

Her words put everything in perspective and are so true. Family goes beyond just parents and siblings.

Family is everything!

Check out these awesome #DIY lanterns!

I love do-it-yourself projects. My precious M is the one that started the #DIY craze in this household. She started with her bedroom and now she is helping me with the living room, kitchen and L’s bedroom. Her projects turn out so adorable and it is a frugal way to decorate the house.

My co-worker gave me two of these Teavana tins.



I didn’t know what we would do with them, so I brought them home to M and she immediately said: “Mom, let’s make lanterns.” Lanterns never crossed my mind but I was intrigued with the idea. She thought they would look cute on the coffee table. All she asked me, what color did I want them?

DIY Lanterns


Didn’t they turn out great? It brings a pop of “Spring” color to the living room. The pop of color comes at a great time with Spring just right around the corner. It has been a very cold winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. The beauty it brings and the peaceful feeling, but I do love the Springtime temperatures and the refreshing feeling.

Teavana DIY Lantern


She put water in the tins and put them in the freezer. This allowed her to make the nail holes. After letting the ice thaw, she painted the tins. We put a battery operated tea-light candle in the tins. It is such a cozy feeling in the evenings.

It is amazing what a recycled product can turn into. I’m in love. I can’t wait to see her next project.

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