Family Movie Night Truth Be Told This Saturday

Let’s face it, there are not many movies that the whole family can sit down and enjoy altogether. The kids either like the animation and the adults love adult movies. That is all changing thanks to Walmart and P&G with their Family Movie Nights.

I was able to what an exclusive pre-screening with my family of the featured movie this week – Truth Be Told.

During the screening, Candace Cameron Bure (yes DJ from Full House) was chatting with us about the movie and giving us a behind the scenes tour so to speak. The movie was so well done and one that the family actually watched the movie all the way through without moving just because it was that good. M and L who are 8, 6 were glued to the TV. I think the horses are what won L’s heart over.

Truth Be Told is centered around a lie.

From the site:

“When leading marriage counselor Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is offered an opportunity to host a relationship talk show, she jumps at the chance. But fearful that being single might ruin her big break, she conspires with an old college friend and recent widower, Mark Crane (David James Elliott), to pose as a married couple with kids. Their story starts to unravel when Annie and Mark join her eccentric soon-to-be boss (Ronny Cox) for a weekend at his ranch in New Mexico. Comical misunderstandings mark the event as Annie struggles to keep up the ruse, finding herself emotionally invested and conflicted by her own conscience. Will she confess the truth about her marital status and her feelings for Mark… and will the truth set them free?”

Of course, I have a teaser too:

As a family, the movie teaches us all what a little white lie can do. It teaches morals the good ole fashioned way instead of using sex, violence, or bad language. I even told Cameron in chat that it was so nice to sit and watch the movie the entire time without having to worry if a part would come up on the screen that I do not recommend for my girls. The best part too, was the acting in the movie was not cheesy at all. It was really well done, scripted and produced.

I have said enough, now it is time for you to tune in Saturday Night to watch the movie with your family. Tune into Fox April 16 at 8/7c. Pop some popcorn and gather around the screen to have a great family movie night.

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P.S. I was not compensated for this review at all. I just love to share good family fun with my readers and this is a movie that I highly recommend!

Pillow Pets Kid Friendly Review Plus Giveaway & Discount Code

Congratulations to comment #68 for winning via!

Pillow Pets are all the rave here in this household. Since, we take multiple road trips through out the year, the pillow pets have been our lifesaver. I am beginning to believe they love road trips just as much as we do. My girls will not sleep without their pillow pets and once they wake in the mornings, their pillow pets always come with them into the living room.

The flexibility is just what the doctor ordered for parents. Pillow pets give comfort to the kids and also serve as a playmate. I could talk about pillow pets all day and I do a lot of recommends to other people, but I thought it would be great to hear from the true owners yourself. Listen in as our very own kid reporters give you the real review of the pillow pets. Then, I will tell you how you can save 40% off of pillow pets.

Now, you cannot ask for a more real review than going to the source itself right? Pillow Pets come in so many different animals but specifically these 8 animals, you are able to save 40% right now until April 10, 2011.

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Right now all of these 8 products are on sale 20% off – at $19.99. But since you are a loyal reader of One Moms World, I am able to give you a promo code for 20% off the sale price (40% off the original price of $24.99) so your price at check-out on any of these specific items would be $14.99. The promo code is BLOGGER. This is valid from today through 4/10/11.


Choose 1 of the 8 pillow pet selections above and leave a comment below on who you would gift the pillow pet to!

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Contest ends April 10, 2011 at 11:59pm ET.

Disclosure: Pillow Pets provided us with the pillow pets for review. All opinions and comments are of our own.

Amy Tara Koch Gives Us Mom Travel Tips

Moms we know it is not always easy taking lots of road trips in the minivan. From food all over the van to getting out at rest stops with sweat pants and looking like you have been through World War III. Never fear, I have you covered with some easy tips to help you look like that mom that has it altogether when traveling!

I had the pleasure interviewing Amy Tara Koch from Bump It Up Style this past week. She was so awesome to talk to and left me feeling so much better about traveling. Also, find out why my husband is so happy that I interviewed her!

Christmas Is Music To Childrens Ears

L made her big singing debut this past Sunday in all three services at church. For everyone that knows L, this was such a HUGE step for her. She has been so afraid of a stage for the past couple of years and just would not have nothing to do with going near one.

Times have changed for my precious girl. She enjoys music so much and is always singing or humming. Her choir group at church was able to sing two Christmas songs during each service. I love how she looks for me in the audience and then starts waving. I will keep these memories forever.


Dyson Animal DC25 Review

As many of you know, my youngest daughter is allergic to many environmental things and unfortunately has asthma. We will be putting reviews here of how how we are changing our household to a better environment for her. Check out our first review of the Dyson Animal DC25.

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