Best Homeschool Winter Experiment

What happens when you throw boiling water into below freezing air? You will have to watch our recent homeschool winter experiment.

Sissy Shares a Precious Easter Message!

As most of you know, we are homeschooling the girls this year. It is going so well. One of the best parts is including our faith with their studies.

My heart is filled with so much joy when I see the girls writing and talking about their love for our Lord. I walked in from work and my husband handed me a piece of paper. He says three words, “prepare to cry.” He assured me it would be happy tears. My hand took the paper and my eyes read each word on the paper very carefully. The tears flowed.

Easter Story

My heart. Oh how I love her! Sissy has always been a great writer. She writes from her heart. Of course, the writing included animals, her precious animals. “…everyone is different in our own way.” Powerful.

Homeschooling was one of the best things we could have done for our precious L. No more timed tests, no more feeling shamed because she couldn’t finish an assignment as fast as others, and freedom to learn how she wants to learn. Freedom to learn about our wonderful Lord!

God is good!


A New School Year Brings Changes

Life comes at you fast. We are finally settling into a good routine with this new school year. I will not be as quiet on the blog any more. We have been praying about this decision for the past few months. Several one-on-one conversations between our sweet family of four and prayer, the decision was made. The girls will not be going to public school this year. They are now being home schooled. Two weeks of schooling have past, and the smiles on our faces will show how it is going thus far.


Individualized learning is proving to be highly successful. My girls are not from a cookie cutter. They were handmade from God. Each one has their own personality and learning style. Unfortunately, the public school system has to teach them as if they were from a cookie cutter.

Obviously, we are doing a trial and learn basis here but I do love the routine we have in place. M and L both have their own different curriculum and are sailing through the studies so well. No tears have been shown, no “I don’t want to get up”, and no meltdowns. L rise and shines on her own each morning and ready to dive into her books. She is like a sponge. Her brain is continuously wanting to soak up the curriculum. My heart just swells with love. So different from last school year.

I am thankful we listened to our hearts and God’s direction on this new school year. As we go through the year, I will share what is working for us and what isn’t working for us. Each week they go to our local University campus for PE with other home school students, and one day a week they attend home school co-op classes. Obviously, this means they are still getting to fellowship and be with other children their ages.

It’s going to be a great year. What I want to know is how are my girls growing up so fast? They are going to over-take me on height pretty soon!

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