Enjoying a Family Weekend!

It is so easy to get caught up in today’s top news stories, the latest technology gadget, the top summer sale and not put what is most important in our lives first!

This weekend was a long three-day weekend since it was a holiday weekend. I woke up Friday morning on the wrong side of bed. My morning was overshadowed by sad emotions. I had missed my family time so much. As we loaded up in the car, I told the girls and Scott that I missed them immensely and I wanted this weekend to be filled with family time. The latest gadget or top news story was the least of my worries. I could have cared less. My heart was yearning for my family to be close.


My heart was finally content. This picture is worth a thousand words. I am use to being with the girls all the time but since I have started working full-time out of the house, my time away from them has unfortunately increased greately. This is my first summer EVER away from the girls. Our summers are usually filled with several road trips all across the map. We have yet to take our first out-of-state road trip this summer. My mind is about to go crazy. Thankfully, we get to change that in two more weeks. You will have to stay-tuned to hear all about our Florida adventures.

Why am I writing all of this? Because, it is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities and not take that special time with your family. This past weekend was all about family time. Our precious M was in two 4th of July parades with her clogging team. My heart always swells with pride when I see her move along the pavement with her fancy feet. She makes me so proud.


We enjoyed two picnics after the parades and followed up the picnics each day with a beautiful viewing of a fireworks display.



Sitting there with the sun shining on our faces was such an enjoyable feeling. My family close to my arms while enjoying nature’s beauty. Time could stand still. The sun set and the darkness spread across the lands. The different colored lights starting popping up across the sky. My arms stretched across my baby girls and our eyes focused on the sparks. My husband’s arm touching mine. This was the family time that I had longed for so much.

Don’t take family time for granted. Who cares about the top story or scrolling on your phone? Your family is yearning for your attention. They had my attention this weekend and I will not take another second for granted.

Enjoying a family weekend is first on my list. My heart is filled!

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  1. Amen girl! Family is what’s most important! Great pictures. Glad you had a nice time with your family.


  2. belva houck says:

    yes we all take everyday life as it comes but we we really need to stay close to our family and take time with them God gave us a family to enjoy and do things together and me and my husband cherish these moments when we can with our daughter and her family and our sons so always make time to enjoy family as much as u can

  3. Hi Jen, Lovely blog, family time is the best time and happy that you enjoyed that special time with your family. Your pictures are great. Can’t wait to hear about your Florida trip. I too am going to Florida in August with my husband just the two of us this time and then I will spend two weeks with my mom who lives there as my husband will then go back home. Haven’t seen my mom in two years so I need my mom time as I have missed her so much. Family is so important and the time we get to spend with them. I know you have family in Florida as well, enjoy your time with them and have fun. I used to live there as well as you in the Tampa Bay area and miss Florida so much looking forward to moving back there in the future. Enjoy your summer Jen 🙂

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