OMG She Did Not Just Say That

“Mom this is O M G (spelled out just like that)! A bull frog has laid 24,000 eggs in the rain puddle in our driveway… you have to come see this.”

That is what M come running into the house and yelling to me this week. I made my way to the door very curious of where she was getting we had 24,000 eggs in our driveway and proclaiming them to be bull frog eggs. I made my way to the driveway and oh my… I was not believing my eyes.


I come straight in and went to the old trusty Google and searched for bull frog eggs. I was not believing my eyes, when indeed what I just saw was bull frog eggs. For one, how did my 7 year old know what these were and I did NOT? For two, I totally did not need 24,000 bull frogs in my driveway making noises and driving me batty (it really doesn’t take much, for real). For three, why did the bull frog pick our driveway?

First things first, M how did you know they were bull frog eggs? Oh mom, we had bull frog eggs in our classroom and we did a worksheet where it says bull frogs lay 24,000 eggs at one time, so mom I know there is 24,000 eggs in our driveway.

The life of my biologist 7 year old. Me loves 😉

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