The Coolest Mom Android Apps

I have had my Droid for almost two years now and I seriously do not know how I lived without it? I know I am such a geek, but I cringe on the craziest days that I happen to leave my Droid at home when I have to run errands. I feel so lost without it. Please tell me that I am not the only one like this? Wait, maybe I have gone crazy… HAHA!

I have the Droid X

Over the time that I have had my droid, I have found some apps that I use on a daily basis and wanted the chance to share them here with you in case you were looking for some great apps to install on your Droid.

In no particular order… here we go!

1. AroundMe – Now this is one of the coolest apps ever. Another mom blogger let me in on this cool savvy app. By using the Droid’s GPS, it will locate the nearest Bank, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theater, Restaurant, Supermarket and Taxi around you. Select which one you want and it will use the GPS to take you right to the destination. I use this app A LOT every time we go out of town.

2. Calorie Counter – Tool to find all the calorie and nutrition facts for the foods you eat. The app has ever restaurant listed you can think of and all their menu items. Also, it comes with a barcode scanner to where you can scan the barcode on a certain item and automatically receive the nutrition info on the item.

3. Cardio Trainer – This app is listed as the training partner for running, cycling and other cardio fitness activities. I use this app while I am walking and it tracks my distance and my route. At the end of the exercise it will tell me how many calories are burned. Super cool!

4. Compass – Have you ever been camping and tried to figure out what direction you are in? Now, all you have to do is hold your Droid in the air with this app and you will automatically know. Sweet!

5. First Aid – As a mom, I panic at the least very things that happen to my girls. This app is a dream come true for this mom. As told on the app, First Aid is designed to help follow the right procedures in a stressful situation or if you need to help out someone else. The tool uses illustrations, videos and short texts that show you how to take the necessary action step by step.

6. Color Flashlight – Have you ever tried to unlock your door at night or tried to walk down a dark hallway and not wanted to turn on any lights to wake up your children? Say hello to the Flashlight app. I love this app and use it pretty frequently. It literally turns your Droid into a flashlight. Pretty nifty tool also if you would like to read in the car while your husband is driving on the ever so long night road trip.

7. Hoot Suite – Attention all the Twitterholic Moms out there… you have to install this Twitter App that you will love! You can manage multiple twitter accounts, upload photos, receive notifications, view click stats and even shorten URLS. It also lets you schedule your tweets in case you will be out of touch for a bit and want to still keep your twitter stream live.

8. Facebook – Definitely a must have App… right moms? I think this explains itself. It really is much better than the mobile web version.

9. Kindle for Android – You don’t want to throw down the bucks for a Kindle, but you really really want the Kindle… well you need this app! Read more than 620,000 Kindle books on your Droid including thousands of free books. No Kindle required 🙂

10. OI Shopping List – Have you ever got to the store and then forgot what you were actually there for? This neat app lets you keep track of your shopping items with quantity and price. Shh… I use it for my To-Do list as well!

Do a search on Android Marketplace for these apps and install them. You will be glad you did. Now do you see why I love my Droid and it is totally a part of me now? 🙂

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  1. I have a couple of these already. I just recently discovered Around Me. Love having Hootsuite and now facebook on my droid.

    I need to add cardio trainer, first aid, color flashlight and Ol Shopping List to though.

    Thanks for the fab list.

  2. I LOVE my Droid!! I’ve had mine a little over a year and can’t fathom how I functioned with out it before. I’m gonna check out some of these Apps. I haven’t heard of them all so I’m sure I will find one (or more) very useful.

  3. I love Gas Buddy, too! It tells you what the cheapest gas is around you and how to get there.

    • Yes! Hubby just recently had me put this on my phone as he is obsessed with finding the cheapest gas around 🙂

  4. My favorite app is Kick to Name. It lets your baby pick its own name by kicking the screen on your phone. Very cool.

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