The Winter Is Sure Giving Us A Run

For our money that is…

Now you see, I do live in the mountains and yes we are use to the snow and cold BUT, there is usually a little bit of a break in between storms for us to re-cooperate. Since Dec. 17th,

  • I have seen my grass for about a total of 4 days.
  • The girls have maybe went a total of four FULL days of school (meaning no delays or snow cancellations).
  • We lost power for 4 days.
  • We have seen more ice that we ever care to!
  • We have came up with so many creative ways to sled that you would be amazed 😉

It is a winter for the history books for sure. I am itching for the sun so I can go out and run and get more fit. This winter has really done me in and I am so just wanting to get out and run, run and did I say run?

Anyways… I thought I would share some videos of our little sledding runs and some pictures to make you smile from our own little version of North Pole!

First Glance at North Pole, NC

The Girls Taking a Sled Run

M Having Fun with the Circular Sled

Mommy and L Taking a Sled Run

Snow Gals


The Girls SnowWoman


M Loves to Make Snow Angels


The Girls Love to Crash the Sled



The Girls LOVE to Sled



The Snow Is Here So We Should Enjoy It I Guess 😉


Happy Winter Everyone!!

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  1. says

    Wow! And here I am complaining about some rain and temperatures in the mid-50’s. I almost didn’t send the kids to school this morning, it just seemed too cold and rainy…

  2. says

    Hello there!
    Just stopping by via Twitter and the Disney Social Media Moms.
    Being from MD, I remember these snowy days, but now we are in FL. This is actually the first time in 5 years when I’m missing snow.

    Enjoy. Looking forward to meeting you next week at the conference!

  3. says

    I just made the comment, that since Thanksgiving, I don’t think our kids have had a full week of school. Holiday and weather related days! And tomorrow looks interesting here in Iowa, as well. Enjoyed your videos and pics…..It’s been a winter for the record books, even in Iowa, where we anticipate lots of snow and cold!

  4. says

    Look at those cure girls of yours quite having the time of their lives playing in the snow. I recall being so happy whenever my mom would let me out to play with snow when I was still young. Now that I’m old (or older LOL) it seems it is just too cold to be enjoying it. =)

  5. says

    Man, and I thought we had it bad. I should really stop complaining. Regardless of how bad or unbad our weather has been here, i am definitely ready for spring. I really need to see the sun again!!

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