Did you hear about Concord Mills’ “Better Than Tax Free” event?

Mark your calendars for this brand new event. You will not want to miss the awesome deals!


For one weekend only, July 25 – 27, Concord Mills, the largest outlet and value retail shopping destination in North Carolina, will debut its “Better Than Tax Free” event, featuring unmatched savings from dozens of popular retailers. This first-ever sales event, which is part of Concord Mills’ Summer of Savings promotion, will offer shoppers added value on back-to-school shopping with an additional 10 percent off already discounted merchandise.

Concord Mills is home to more than 200 stores, nearly 40 of which specialize in merchandise for children and teens to help students look their best for the new school year. Popular stores offering Better Than Tax Free savings include Books-A-Million, Brooks Brothers Factory Store, Carter’s, Claire’s, The Disney Store Outlet, DKNY Company Store, Haggar Clothing Co., HANESbrands, J.Crew Factory, The Limited Outlet, Nautica Factory Store, New York & Company Outlet, Oshkosh B’Gosh Outlet, Skechers USA Outlet, Tommy Bahama Outlet, Wilson’s Leather and more. For a complete list of participating retailers, shoppers are encouraged to pick up a Retailer Showcase at any of Concord Mills’ main entrances throughout the weekend.

“Concord Mills is already the place for back-to-school shopping with an unmatched selection of stores offering savings second only to Black Friday,” said Nan Gray, director of marketing and business development at Concord Mills. “In just 10 days, Concord Mills will step up to the plate and provide its own version of tax relief for back-to-school shopping since there will be no sales tax holiday in North Carolina this year.”

The Summer of Savings at Concord Mills will also provide families with the opportunity to enjoy valuable time together at unique dining and entertainment venues throughout the month of August. Sea Life Charlotte-Concord, AMC 24-Screen Theatres / IMAX and The SPEEDPARK, as well as Chili’s Too, Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza and Dave & Buster’s will all offer exclusive Summer of Savings deals.

Plus, social media savvy shoppers can vie for the chance to win several $250 gift cards from popular retailers. These contests will be open to fans of Concord Mills’ Facebook page, which can be found at www.facebook.com/ConcordMills.

Transitioning to Work Fashion

As I have transitioned into the work out of the home mom role, my fashion skills needed to be updated. Recently, they sent out an email at work that enforced the work dress code. This meant, no more wearing whatever jeans you pleased. If you did choose to wear jeans, it needed to be dark blue dress jeans. I needed an excuse to have more fashion in my life. My wardrobe didn’t include too many fashion must-haves but I am slowly changing this as I search the clearance sales and thrift shop sales.


I need to use my DSLR camera in the future. Made a mental note. Here are three of the outfits that I wore last week to work.

1. The jean skirt and the brown corduroy skirt are both J.Jill designs and came from Goodwill at the low rate of $3.75.

2. The “Be Amazing” sweater came from Old Navy clearance for $7.

3. The blue and white striped shirt and blue cardigan came from Belk’s clearance for $4 and $6 respectively.

4. The dress on the end came from Old Navy clearance for $11. I added the black belt that I had here at home and borrowed M’s cowl scarf.

How am I doing with my fashion? My husband is loving all the new outfits that I am coming up with which makes me smile and have butterflies in my stomach again. It is really so much fun to see how I can still be fashionable yet spend little money. Stay tuned for more frugal fashion finds!

Starbucks Deals – Think Christmas!

Do you have a coffee drinker on your Christmas list? How about surprising them with an awesome Starbucks tumbler?


Great price and a fantastic gift for that special coffee drinker in your life. The above tumblers are the Starbucks gift of the week. Visit their website to place your order.

Also another treat for you!

Starbucks is holding their Holiday Drink promotion again this year. From November 13 – 17th, participating Starbucks location will be offering buy one holiday beverage and get one drink of equal or lesser value FREE promo, from 2-5pm.

Starbucks Holiday drinks include:

Carmel Brulee Latte
Peppermint Mocha or
Gingerbread Latte
Eggnog Latte

Tis’ the season :-)

Burger King Offering $.50 Cents Ice Cream Cones All Summer

Summer is just amazing. It allows time for outdoor park time. Family picnics while enjoying the wonderful outdoors. AND cheap ice cream. How many times do your kids scream for ice cream? Come on now. I know my kids are not the only ones that scream that high pitched sound.

Parents, we are in luck this summer. BURGER KING is offering an awesome deal all summer on their ice cream cones.


Ways to Budget and Save Money

We are all feeling the effects of the economy. Believe me, with my husband’s unemployment, we had to find a way to cut our monthly bills in half. Each month when you are budgeting finances, the stress and anger comes out. You wonder how on earth can your bills be so high. This is a common scenario for most families. Here are the tips that helped us.

Avoid Using Your Dryer – Dryers waste a lot of electricity which means higher bills for you. Try to hang up your clothes instead. This not only saves you money on electricity but will help some of your clothes last longer as well.

Shop Around – Always shop around. Utility companies are in fierce competition with each other, use it to your advantage and shop around for the best savings. Don’t think you have to stick with a supplier you’re not happy with.

Filter Your Water – Investing in a good water filtering system can save you money on buying bottled water. It will also help you save money by making your appliances last longer due to lower lime scale buildup in hard water areas. You can even use less detergent when washing clothes or using the dishwasher.

Leave the Car at Home – Don’t pay the outrageous fees for gas. If possible try to walk, you can also consider taking the bus or carpooling. When filling up the car, shop around for competitive rates.

Don’t Buy Disposable – Try to cut back on your shopping bills by not buying disposable items such as paper towels, use a clean dish cloth instead. Try to reuse your aluminum foil or sandwich bag containers or better yet buy plastic containers you can wash and reuse.

Make Sure It’s Full – Don’t use your washing machine or dishwasher when it’s half empty. Play around with the temperature settings to see if a lower temperature will do the job just as well as the pricier higher one.

Turn Off the Lights – Your father was right. Turn off the lights you’re not using to save electricity. If you’re just relaxing try lighting candles instead, this will save money and create a nice atmosphere (make sure you follow all safety guidelines).

Lower Your Water Bill – Try to take showers instead of baths. Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth. Collect rain water and recycle it to water the plants. Make sure your faucets aren’t dripping. Use a bowl full of water when doing the dishes instead of leaving the tap running.

Change the Setting – Set your thermostats a couple of degrees lower in the winter and a couple of degrees higher in the summer for a big savings on your utility bills.

When budgeting finances, make sure to use these tips. Then you can sit back and watch your bills decrease. As an added bonus, you’ll also be contributing towards a healthier environment for your children.

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