From Egg Farms to Airports to Mountains

We are finally home. Last week consisted of traveling from Raleigh, to Atlanta, to Tampa, to Atlanta, to Raleigh, to Asheville (Type A Mom Conference) and then HOME! What a busy week it was but it was so very interesting indeed. There will be more to come this week but I have a questions?

At the egg farm in Tampa this past week, I was shown two different egg farms. Don’t I just look so cute in my new attire?


Which does your family use before I go into details in a later Blog Post?

Caged Egg Farm



Cage Free Egg Farm


It is very eye opening the differences in which like I said will go in further details this week.

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  1. We buy the caged, how every when we can get them from dad or my aunt we get the home grown cage free as you can get. The best tasting ones! lol

  2. Well, since I had the honor of going with you, you know my answer – now, I know I prefer caged eggs. I’ll let you write your follow up and I’ll write mine because I know we have a lot to share with our readers. It was so interesting and educational. 🙂

  3. belva houck says:

    i prefer caged because when they wander around they could eat anything and then we eat in the egg what they eat and this can produce diseases

  4. Free range, outdoors is the best way to go. For the chicken and for the consumers. We are lucky to have a small farm right down the road with chickens that roam all over the place. You literally see them pecking the ground from the road. There’s a whole of of back up about how free range is better … I have to say, cage free and caged look very much the same to me except that the cage free have a bit more freedom. They look like they all are in dark rooms, with no sunlight, no grass… makes me sad 🙁

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