The Tooth Fairy Will Not Visit Anymore!

I’m not trying to be rude. Honestly, the tooth fairy is welcome in my house but it was made clear last Thursday that she will not be visiting our house anymore. The exchange of words between my daughter and I brought tears to my eyes. My daughter leaped from my bear hug to grab a pencil. She was eager to write a letter to the tooth fairy for the last time. What did I do? I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture so I could document the moment. Then, I fell into my pillow to shed tears.

onemomsworld L

As I laid there in my pillow, I thought back to this moment 11 years ago when my daughter’s first tooth finally popped through her gums. She was a late teething baby and I remember the moment clearly when that little white tooth finally popped through the skin. L and I danced around for what seemed forever. Happy tears were falling from my face. Fast forward 11 years and I am crying again because all those little baby teeth that finally came through the gums are long gone. She will soon have all her permanent teeth.

Isn’t it crazy how milestones come full circle? The tooth fairy was the last bit of childhood that I was clinging to before both of my beautiful girls leap full force into their teenage years. Long gone are the days when I would be awaken to the sounds of the girls squealing in delight about how much the tooth fairy had left them under their pillow. By the way, the tooth fairy has really inflated her surprised. 50 cents has now turned into $5.00. Parents with toddlers may want to make a mental note.

L will always be my baby girl. It is a fact of life that she is growing up. It is cliche, but children really do grow up too fast. I’m off to go hug my girls tight. They will always be mommy’s girls!

We are hoping for a cure in 2017!


Our matching bracelets from Keep Collection are my favorite. It is our daily reminder to never give up hope on a cure.

We survived the holiday season. I didn’t bake any traditional Christmas delights or any Christmas meals. We focused on spending time together as a family and remaining positive. We are coming up on a year of L’s initial food impaction that led us to her diagnosis of eosinophilic esophagitis.

I wasn’t quite sure how we would make it through the first year, but we did it with God’s strength, prayers, and encouragement from friends in the EoE community. Going into this health journey, my mind was swirling with so many questions. Now, I am able to help other families. We obviously do not have all the answers as L has yet to confirm her first safe food. She has her fifth scope this Thursday to determine if we can for sure say pears is a safe food. Going into this scope, I’m remaining positive that she is going to have a clean scope. L has not had any major reactions or symptoms, so we are believing this is going to be a good news scope.

Food trials are hard. You get into a safe zone of no symptoms and want to just stay there because of fear of adding new foods and the symptoms return. Our goal is to try and add more foods this year. L has tried a couple foods but didn’t really make it past day 5 or 6, so her allergist confirmed we should just stick with one food trial at a time instead of trying to double up on foods. The sad news is a endoscopy has to be used each time to confirm or deny a safe food. Hopefully with research this year, there will be an easier way to check on the esophagus. Each time L has an endoscopy, she has to be put to asleep so you can imagine her anxiety about scope days.

We will let you know how the scope goes on January 12 and figure out which food we will trial next. L has almost lived on a prescription formula to keep her alive for a year. My  husband mentioned to me tonight, he doesn’t know how she continues to drink the formula (usually 7 to 8 boxes a day). The formula does not have a great smell, but with her endurance and strength, she drinks to boxes.

I continue to say she is a such a strong and brave child!


Your little one can now be proclaimed a Princess at Walt Disney World!


Have you heard the exciting news? Your little one can now be proclaimed a Princess at a character greeting or Princess dine location at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. This will be a very memorable moment for your child. My girls still talk about their Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Experience at Disney World.

My Storybook Moment-Princess” lets guests become royalty through a new gifting experience at Disney Floral & Gifts that includes royal treasures and a personalized proclamation, but it’s unsigned. Simply present the declaration to a favorite fairy tale princess for signature and become part of the royal court!

To learn more, check out My WDW Storybook Moment-Princess (407-WDW-GIFT) and My DLR Storybook Moment-Princess (717-781-GIFT).

My Storybook Moment is also available in other beloved characters and themes, such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (including a “Best Friends” lanyard and Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Ear Hat), Sheriff Woody (including an official cowboy hat, bandana, and sheriff’s badge) and many more.

Make Mother and Daughter Time a Priority

Parents need to ensure we are spending time with our children. This technology-driven world can overstep quality family time. If parents ensure to write in family time in the calendar, it can happen on a regular schedule. Money doesn’t even have to be a factor. You can rent a DVD from RedBox or pull up a movie on NetFlix. Sit on the couch and watch the movie together. Grab a pizza and have discussion time. It can be simple as that but will go a long ways in your relationship with your children.

This past weekend, my oldest daughter and I decided to do a home DIY pedicure. It was awesome. As we were soaking our feet in warm water with epsom salt, we were able to have great conversations. Afterwards, M painted my toenails. We spent minimal money, but I felt like a million bucks. My feet felt great but most of all, I was able to have one-on-one time with M.

DIY Pedicure


Another quality time is M creating different hairstyles with my hair. She is really into doing different braids with my hair and L’s hair. It is actually relaxing to just sit and chill, and see what braid she completes. I love this braid she did last night on my hair.



As you can see, it doesn’t take extensive planning and a lot of money to spend time with your children. The girls knowing I took time out of our busy schedules to spend time with them means all the world to me. I want them to look back on their childhood and remember these special mother and daughter memories.

Limeapple Girl’s Activewear Available at Costco {Limited Time}

Limeapple sent a full outfit to L to review. All thoughts and opinions are of our own.

Summer is officially just a couple weeks away. In our household, summer means spending lots of time outside. We love to be active. This could mean climbing ropes at the local park, hiking around the lake, and/or riding bicycles around the park.

Limeapple contacted me to see if L would like to review their activewear. We had never heard of this brand before, but now are excited that we were able to experience this brand.

Limeapple is a favorite among tweens—and their moms—because their style is energetic, bright, comfortable and age-appropriate. The brand is a small team of women who encourage young girls to lead positive, healthier, empowered lifestyles. Creating bold, stand out active wear that encourages girls to get fit and feel strong is a large part of who the brand is!

The styles are perfect for L. As many know, L is a fashionista. She picks out the cutest outfits but many are quite bold in style.

limeapple athletic wear


This has become one of her favorite outfits, especially when we are planning outdoor activities. The material is great quality along with the texture. She wore this outfit do an amusement park when the temperatures were approaching 90. The outfit was great because Limeapple’s active wear is known for its quality, high performance fabric with moisture wicking and pilling resistance, flat seams for comfort, and little extra details like built in lining and hidden waistband pockets. L is very particular about how clothing feels, and she did not complain one time. She is a fan!

I am hoping they expand the brand to include women’s active wear. The great news for the month of June, these full outfits (activewear top and capri leggings) are only $18.99 at Costco stores all across the United States. It is only for this short limited time, so don’t delay and be sad when the sets are sold-out.

Thank you Limeapple for making a positive difference in the lives of young girls!

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