My daughter said…

Today during a sweet lunch with my girls at Panera Bread, L had an enlightening conversation with me.


Most everyone knows that L is a mommy’s girl. She does not let me out of her sight for long. For example tonight, I was at M’s fiddle lessons for an hour and L cried the entire time for me. My husband called and said get home. Next time, I will just take her with me. A big change is getting ready to take place and I think that is playing part into the separation anxiety too.

Since she is so close to me, this conversation was not a big shock but still made me giggle. She let it be known that she was not having kids and not getting married. She was going to live at home with her mommy and daddy. M told her that she would change her mind once she got in high school. L popped up and said,

“No I will not because I will not have a boyfriend since I am not going to kiss a stranger.”


I am just happy that I will never have to experience the empty nest syndrome. All kidding aside, it will be neat to tell her about this conversation when she brings her first boyfriend home.

Both girls are growing into their own personalities so much and although it aches me to see them grow up so fast, I do enjoy our conversations so much. You just never know what they are going to say, especially L!

How Can You Help Children With Allergies

Did you know that 40% of children are affected by allergies each year? Those 40% children miss 2 million school days a year too due to seasonal and indoor allergies. Very eye-opening right? My youngest daughter L is in that statistic. Last year, she missed 25 school days due to her allergies and asthma. The past two days have been so hard on her, and I have to question my choice each morning whether I should send her to school or not.

You see, it is Spring and it is one of the seasons that really takes a toll on her little body. Runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, dark and swollen eyes, and mouth breathing are all the symptoms that L is experiencing right now. All of these symptoms are actually common allergy symptoms. L says: “Mommy, my teachers keep telling me bless you all day long.” Bless her!

Unfortunately, allergens are everywhere, both indoors and out. Since we had a long and cold winter, L has been enjoying playing outside every evening as soon as she comes home from school. It breaks my heart because I know she is going to pay for it come later that evening. She loves outdoors though, so I cannot keep her inside all the time…

Exactly what can we do to help our kids with indoor and outdoor allergies? Children’s Claritin is helping us with tips!

1. Declutter: Knick knacks, stuffed toys and clutter are major dust collectors

2. Keep decor smooth and simple: Remove carpet, as smooth floors (such as hard wood and tile) trap fewer allergens.

3. Wash allergens away: Have your child shower and change clothes after playing outside to wash off allergens on skin, hair and clothes.

4. Encase bedding: Use allergen-proof zippered encasings for pillows, mattresses and box springs to protect your bedding from dust mites.

5. Put clothes away: Keep all of your child’s clothes in drawers or closets; never leave them lying about the room.

6. Turn up the AC and clean filters: Pollen can travel hundreds of miles by wind, so keep windows and doors closed. Air conditioners filter pollen and other allergens, but they can also be breeding grounds for mold, so be sure to keep filters clean and consider using a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter.

Using these tips can help when dealing with allergies. Allergies can effect so much more in your child’s day. Allergies can reduce school performance because allergies did not let them get a decent night’s rest so as a parent, we need to do all we can to help our kids.

My L is on inhalers and a couple allergy medicines. One of her medicines she takes is 10mg of Claritin each day. She definitely would not be able to get through each day without it. Talk with your child’s doctor and see if Claritin would be a good fit for them. The great thing about Claritin is it provides a 24-hour relief from the worst indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms and it is non-drowsy.

Disclosure: This info is not to replace your doctor’s recommendations. Speak with your doctor first before trying any new medicines. I was not compensated for this post. We have been using Claritin for over a year for L’s allergies.

A Lifetime of Smiles Tips For Oral Care In Kids

A healthy smile is one that we strive for so much in our kids. Kids notice each other smiles too, so parents need to make sure they are being aware of their kids brushing habits. Good oral hygiene is not only good for the healthy smile but also for the child’s health.


50 percent of children will have a cavity or filling between the ages of five and nine. Believe me, we are one of those statistics. Candy and soda are common culprits. My 6 year old will not drink any sodas. She has been that way since she was allowed to drink a soda. My 7 year old is only allowed one small glass of soda a day. I hope we can eventually push that to once every other day. Also, even though juice and milk seem healthier, remember they can be culprits as well.

Beginning a routine for oral care isn’t the easiest thing for parents, but you can add in extras to make it fun. Recently, we have began using the Listerine Agent Cool Blue. Use this rinse before brushing and it will tint the teeth blue. It will help kids brush harder to get the tint off their teeth. It keeps it a game too to encourage longer brushing. Another game is to play “Simon says” by calling out different parts of the mouth. Finish the brushing with a fluoride rinse such as the Listerine Smart Rinse as a family and see who can go the longest without laughing. Brushing should last two minutes and rinsing for 60 seconds. If it helps to play music, then find a fun song the kids will enjoy and play it each time.

Make sure to offer rewards for achieving brushing, flossing and rinsing goals. Parents can create a brushing chart and post it in the bathroom. The kids can follow their progress each time they brush their teeth. Let the kids post a sticker for each time they brush and floss their teeth. At the end of each month, you can reward and praise the kids for doing such a great job.

The America’s Tooth Fairy is on a mission to eliminate pediatric oral disease and promote overall health and well being for millions of children from vulnerable populations. Every child deserves a healthy smile. They have a campaign on their site for donations to help provide oral health care for underserved children. Since 2006, National Children’s Oral Health Foundation has distributed over $7 million in direct funding, donated dental products and technical resources to the Affiliate network. We all can help them to continue to reach underserved kids by any amount donation on the site.

As parents, let’s all work together to create more healthy smiles that will last a lifetime!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of LISTERINE and REACH and received products to take the Oral Care Challenge. Mom Central Consulting also sent me a Global Giving gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

The School Has Turned Into a Zoo

Watch out…. there are monkey’s on the loose. My precious M has turned into a monkey… and pardon me a Singing Monkey!


M’s 1st grade class treated us to a wonderful and cute musical today call the Wack A Doo Zoo.


We had Lions OH MY, We had Monkeys, We had Pigs, and We had Cows. Our kids were transformed right before our eyes, but one thing for sure is that there were plenty of laughs and smiles from the parents. M did a little duet.

They all did so cute and it was a great note to end the school year on for sure. I just so happen to love my little monkey so much and so proud of her 🙂


Small Talk By A 5 Year Old

My youngest dear daughter L is always keeping us laughing with the phrases or words she comes up with. Since I do turn these blog posts into books for my girls to keep and treasure when they grow up, I wanted to make sure I wrote a few down of what she has said lately. I’m sure you will smile and laugh as well.


Last night, L was really wanting to get home to see her beloved cousin Noah so when we stopped for yogurt at TCBY she announced to hubby:

“Let’s hurry up and finish eating daddy so we can get back to business.”

My oldest dear daughter M was drawing a picture on a paint program on the computer. L went by her and took a double take and said:

“M that picture is hideous.” Have no idea where she picked up that word… She is only 5?

M had a very bad stomach bug last weekend and she was laying on the couch. L goes over and jumps on her back. I said L, honey get off M’s back. Her tummy is still not feeling well. L said:

But mommy, you have this observation wrong. I was laying on her back, not her tummy.

Today we were driving home from M’s sporting events and L was getting a bit of an attitude. I said now L, mommy is not going to tolerate that attitude young lady. She said:

Mommy, I am not a lady. Lady means a old person.

When they are doing a project at school and L’s teacher has all the kids around the table, L’s teacher said L will cross her legs and lean on the table then clap her hands and say:

Ok, Mrs. W, let’s get this party started. Mrs. W said they crack up laughing every time!

I so adore her. She is always making us laugh and can turn your mood from sad to happy in just a matter of seconds. Thank you L for being YOU! We love you 🙂

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